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Terms of Reference

Constitution / Terms of Reference

Please see below a detailed description of our aims, purposes and the processes we follow as an organistion.

Aims and Purposes

  1. It shall be the aim of the Airport Consultative Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) to provide an effective forum for the discussion of all matters concerning the development or operation of the Airport, which have an impact on the users of the Airport and on people living and working in the surrounding area. Consultation should be seen as a positive and interactive process through which the concerns of interested parties can be taken into account with the object of allowing the efficient operation of the Airport while moderating its impact on local communities. It should be seen as a means of keeping all interested parties adequately informed of matters affecting them, of providing an opportunity to reconcile differences of view that may arise and for resolving difficulties though agreed voluntary action. Consultation is not intended to detract from the responsibility of the Airport’s management to manage the Airport.

  2. The Committee shall operate pursuant to this Agreement and as a Consultative Committee established by LCY pursuant to the Guidelines of the Secretary of State dated December 1988 (hereinafter referred to as “the Guidelines”) for Airports designated for the purposes of consultation by order under section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982. London City Airport is so designated by virtue of the Aerodromes Designation (Facilities for Consultation) Order 1996 (SI 1996/1392).

  3. Any reference in this Schedule to the Guidelines shall include a reference to any new or supplementary guidance in relation to Airport Consultative Committees which may in future be issued by the Secretary of State.

  4. The terms of reference of the Committee shall be:

    1. to monitor the environmental impact of all aspects of the operation of the Airport and to advise on operating procedures resulting from such monitoring with a view to minimising noise or other pollution from whatever source

    2. to monitor the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement and advise from time to time on the need for any revision thereof

    3. to agree with LCY formal procedures for recording complaints about aircraft noise and other adverse effects of the Airport. Such procedures should provide for complaints to be made to LCY by telephone or in writing, for the complainant to provide his/her name, address and telephone number and information in sufficient detail to enable any necessary investigation of the complaint to be carried out. LCY shall take such steps as it may agree with the Committee to ensure that the complaints procedure is fully and widely publicised. LCY shall keep a record of all such complaints which shall be made available to the Committee.

    4. to consider any matter that LCY might raise with the Committee as well as issues arising directly or indirectly from the operation of the Airport

    5. generally, to keep all interested parties adequately informed of matters affecting them and to provide an opportunity for reconciling any differences of view that may arise and for resolving difficulties through agreed voluntary action


  1. The Committee shall comprise:

    1. three representatives from the Council

    2. one representative from the London Development Agency

    3. one representative from the Royal Docks Management Authority Limited

    4. two representatives from LCY

    5. one representative from the London Borough of Bexley

    6. one representative from the London Borough of Greenwich

    7. one representative from the Gallions Housing Association (being the successor to Thamesmead Town)

    8. one representative each elected by the Community Forums operating to the south of Newham Way (A13) (or any similar consultation bodies which may in the future replace them)

    9. four representatives appointed by agreement by the tenants and residents’ associations and/or community trusts or foundations operating for the time being in North Woolwich, Silvertown, West Silvertown and Cyprus (one from each area). If in relation to such appointment there is an unresolved dispute among the local bodies in choosing a representative the Secretary shall report to the Committee and the Committee shall arbitrate. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

    10. two representatives from the airlines using the Airport to be appointed by the Airline Operators Committee

    11. one representative from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    12. one representative from the Association of British Travel Agents

    13. one representative from the Docklands Business Club

    14. such number of representatives from other bodies or organisations (including any environmental or amenity groups) as shall from time to time be proposed by LCY and/or the Council and agreed by the Committee.

  2. Where a member is unable to attend a meeting of the Committee he or she shall be permitted to send a deputy. The name of the deputy must be notified to the Secretary before the meeting.

  3. After consultation with the Committee, and with its agreement, LCY shall appoint a Chairman and Secretary and such other Officers as it shall deem necessary to ensure the independent and efficient working of the Committee. The Chairman and the Secretary shall be independent of LCY and of any other interest represented on the Committee or of any interest in, or affected by, the Airport and its operation. The procedures adopted by LCY for the appointment of the Chairman and the Secretary, and generally for the operation of the Committee, shall be framed such that the independence of the Chairman, the Committee and its officers is assured and seen to be assured.

  4. The Chairman, the Secretary and other Officers and all committee members shall be appointed for a term of three years but where a member is appointed by a local authority that authority may at its discretion appoint such member for such shorter period as it shall notify to the Secretary.

  5. Where before the expiration of his or her term a member is replaced by another the new member shall serve for the balance of the term.

  6. It shall be the duty of the Secretary on or before the expiry of the term of a member to invite the appointing organisation referred to in paragraph 5 above to submit the name of the person appointed or elected to be its representative for the next term. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-appointment or re-election.

  7. The Secretary shall send to appointing organisations each year details of the attendance of its representative(s) at meetings.

  8. LCY and/or the Council may from time to time propose amendments to the membership of the Committee but any such amendments shall require the approval of the Committee and, in respect of the representatives specified in paragraph 5(i) to 5(viii)(inclusive) above, the agreement of all the parties to this Agreement.


  1. Subject to the provisions of this Schedule the Committee shall have power to determine its procedure but so however that it conforms generally to the Guidelines.

  2. The Committee shall decide its timetable of meetings provided, however, that the Committee shall meet at least four times a year.

  3. The venue of the meetings shall be decided by the Committee and LCY shall provide adequate facilities for meetings.

  4. Except where the members resolve to deal with confidential matters in private the meetings of the Committee shall be open to the press and members of the public.

  5. All members shall make available to the Committee (through the Secretary) at as early a date as possible the fullest information on any matter of concern to that member which he or she intends to raise at a meeting of the Committee.

  6. The Committee may at its discretion, and subject to notice being given to the Secretary before the meeting, agree to hear individuals or the representatives of organisations attending a meeting of the Committee to make representations in relation to issues under consideration by the Committee or within its remit.

  7. The Committee shall have the right to receive expert advice on issues under its consideration from the specialist staff and/or consultants of LCY or of a local authority or other body represented on the Committee or of any other person or organisation able to provide such advice.

  8. At all meetings of the Committee each member of the Committee being present shall have one vote and in the event of a tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Secretary shall have no vote.

  9. Members of the Committee shall be empowered to report the proceedings of the Committee to their respective appointing bodies and the Secretary of the Committee shall prepare minutes of the proceedings of the Committee for circulation to its members. The minutes, which shall reflect not only the majority viewpoint but also the range of views and advice and/or recommendations to LCY put forward by members, shall be formally adopted as a full and fair account of proceedings of the Committee and be circulated to members prior to the meeting at which they are submitted for adoption.


  1. The Secretary shall ensure that the activities of the Committee are fully and regularly publicised locally through the publication (on the Internet or otherwise) of the Committee’s minutes and, as required, of reports and/or press releases on matters of particular interest. The text of any such report or press release shall be approved by the Committee, or if urgent by the Chairman.


  1. The costs of the administration of the Committee, including any fees payable to the Officers, shall be met by LCY.


The Committee may appoint sub-committees to assist the work of the Committee with such membership and powers as the Committee may decide.

There are 2 sub-committees of the London City Airport Consultative Committee:

  • Airspace & Environment Sub-Committee

  • Community Sub-Committee

This constitution will apply to meetings of the Sub-Committee except that:

  • A Sub-Committee will appoint a Chairman/vice-chairman at its first meeting

  • No business will be conducted unless four Members are present at the meeting

  • Frequency of dates and places of meetings will be at the discretion of the Sub- Committee

  • The Committee will review the number and composition of any sub-committee annually and may alter its membership or powers or disband it at any time

  • Urgent business

The Chairman may take any action on an urgent matter which cannot await the next meeting of the Committee or Sub-Committee. The action taken will be reported to the next meeting of the Committee or Sub-Committee.