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Our History

The story of the LCYCC

The LCYCC is as old as the airport itself. In the mid-1980s developers John Mowlem & Co PLC were given planning permission for the airport – described at the time as a STOLport (Short Take-Off and Landing airport).

They made an agreement with the former London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC), London Borough of Newham, the Port of London Authority and the (then named) Greater London Council.

The purpose of this agreement was (and is) to regulate the airport’s environmental impact. It stipulates that the consultative committee must exist:

  • To monitor the airport’s operations and advise on its operating procedures, with the aim of minimising noise pollution and any other adverse effects on the local community

  • To monitor the implementation of the agreement and advise if any revisions are needed

  • To discuss and act on complaints from the public

Timeline of the LCYCC

  • 1986 - Steering group set up to establish LCYCC

  • June 1987 - First meeting of LCYCC

  • July 2012 - 25th Anniversary meeting

  • 2016 - Two new sub-committees set up (Community and Environment) as LCY enters a new expansion phase